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Check the school's energy use

Is your school a big energy consumer? What can be done to reduce consumption? Have the class do a survey of the school's energy use by reading electricity meters every week, preferably throughout the whole year. You can also plot curves showing the relationship between energy consumption and outdoor temperatures and calculate the specific energy use for the school building, which you can then compare with other schools. Significant energy savings can often be attained through relatively minor changes in daily routines. Investment in equipment that reduce energy expenditure will also usually pay off in the long run.

Learning objective

Become concious of the school's energy consumption and of how this compares with other schools. Is it higher than that of other schools? Should energy-saving measures be implemented?


Examine figures on energy expenditure and temperature for the school. Calculate the energy consumption and compare with other schools. Suggest and discuss energy-saving measures. Would it be prudent to implement some of them at your school?

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Enter figures on energy consumption in the Sustain.no database. Use the "Show results" to compare own figures with that of other schools.

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